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Water Heaters

A board range of water heaters to provide an uninterrupted supply of hot water for every application. Heat exchanger design and materials for construction are applied to suit each application.

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  • Intellihot

    Endless water. Zero waste. Master-less cascading. IoT and Wi-Fi enabled boiler room solutions. Intellihot is a one-stop shop for commercial water heating applications.

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  • Cleaver-Brooks IWH

    The Cleaver-Brooks Electric Boiler Model IWH is an instantaneous water heater designed to operate in hot water heating systems with a minimum footprint. It delivers maximum kilowatts and provides immediate water heating without a storage tank.

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  • TH Series

    The Tank Heater Series is an 80,000 to 500,000 BTUH unit approved for plastic venting to 100ft. 97% efficiency and extremely low NOx levels put this model above US and Canadian Green Building Standards. Digital control operated.

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  • DynaFlame

    Camus’ most cutting-edge product is also a pioneer. A range from 500,000 to 6 million BTU is a specification that makes the DynaFlame boiler/water heater a first in the industry. Compatible with advanced digital control systems.

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  • CeraFlame

    CeraFlame is a line of commercial copper finned boilers and water heaters available in models 450, 550 and 650(MBTU/HR). Small footprint and easy access to serviceable components.

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  • SureFlame

    The SureFlame is an atmospheric Boiler/Water Heater delivering thermal efficiencies of up to 83%. The outer jacket is constructed of stainless steel and occupies a very small footprint. SureFlame offers a diagnostic light package for easy troubleshooting.

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  • DynaForce

    Featuring a vertical cylindrical stainless steel heat exchanger, this versatile design is available for both hydronic heating or domestic hot water supply, and can be fired with natural gas or propane.

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  • DynaMax

    Gas fired and suitable for hydronic heating, hot water supply and combination models, DynaMax achieves up to 97% efficiency and features a three-option thru wall exhaust vent. Available in floor and wall-mount solutions.

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