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NOW HIRING: Capital Equipment Sales Engineer – Entry Level Hydronics Specialist

An excellent opportunity for a self-motivated technical sales engineer, this position allows you to develop skills working with fellow sales/consulting engineers, vendors and major contractors.

CANNEPP Sales & Service will assist you in applying your solid engineering background to the field of hydronics through all necessary training. This includes the sale, layout, and specification of hydronic boilers and their systems, as well as relevant controls and equipment. Commercial and industrial domestic steam/hot water systems are also key areas you will be involved in.

As a sales engineer for capital equipment, you are involved directly in both new and retrofit developments, all while collaborating with our engineering team and manufacturers to develop specifications and proposals, to review and submit orders, and excel at all other tasks the sales engineer is responsible for. Relationships with consulting engineering firms, contractors, hospitals, universities and colleges and factories will be cultivated while representing equipment from Cleaver-Brooks, Camus, Cannon Boiler Works, Penn Separator, and more.

Product and sales training will be provided and encouraged as you work at CANNEPP, as well as through our consultants and manufacturers. It is an unrivalled opportunity to learn, contribute and benefit in a sales engineering role while based out of our Vancouver office. Highly competitive base pay, performance-based incentive programs and opportunities for advancement make us one of the best companies in the city to work for.

Some key qualifications and necessary experience for this position include:

  • Mechanical/electrical engineering degree or equivalent experience
  • Unmatched work ethic and discipline
  • Motivation to advance both personally and professionally
  • Solid organizational and prioritization skills and tireless commitment to deadlines
  • A consistently updated knowledge of our competition and general trends in our market/industry, as well as a commitment to learning about new products and engineering developments in our industry, such that our clients receive better support/recommendations
  • Strong technical skills
  • Valid driver’s license

About CANNEPP Boiler Room Technologies:

CANNEPP is all about boilers. We’re all about big boilers, small boilers, and everything in between. If there is a conversation about boilers, we want to be a part of it. If there is a project involving boilers, we want to be involved. If there is a facility that already has boilers, we want to be a member of the team having responsibility for them. If there is a problem with boilers, we want to be part of the solution. If boilers need to be repaired, we want to fix them. If boilers need to be installed, we want to be part of the construction team. If boilers need to be more efficient, we want to modify or replace them.

We are the experts in commercial and industrial steam and hot water systems – all the way down from the equipment down to the controls and service. Our sales and services include boilers, feedwater and water treatment equipment, pumps, burners and controls, stacks, etc. Are forward thinkers in environmentally sound products that keep emissions at a minimum and produce significant energy savings. We also retrofit existing equipment to meet these emissions and cost standards. Working with CANNEPP means our clients are treated to a single source of accountability for entire plants – the equipment, controls, exhaust systems – everything.

Submit your resume to cannepp@cannepp.com and start a conversation with us today.