CANNEPP Boiler Room Technologies is a proud FortisBC Trade Ally – a partnership that allows us to provide advance notice to our customers regarding new incentives and programs. Every percentage increase in energy efficiency reduces emissions by an equal amount, and we are happy to assist you in determining any rebates you may obtain for your next boiler upgrade, replacement or addition.


$10,000 - $25,000

A stack economizer is a heat exchanger that extracts additional energy from a boiler’s flue gas and transfers it to another medium.

Economizers are typically found on larger boilers in high-demand domestic or process hot water applications, often mounted on top of the flue outlet. Utilized properly, economizers can produce significant energy savings.

Burner Controls Retrofits

Up to $49,000

Improving your existing steam boiler by upgrading the burner is an excellent way to increase fuel efficiency, reliability and performance while reducing maintenance/downtime expenses.

Depending on the total project cost, FortisBC offers up to $49,000 as an incentive for adding both parallel positioning and oxygen trim to your existing equipment. This type of retrofit can often be completed within a few days with minimal impact to other aspects of your operation. CANNEPP is glad to assist in evaluation and application processes to determine if your boiler is eligible for an upgrade and rebate.

Parallel Positioning

$16,000 - $18,000

Parallel positioning (or ‘linkage-less control’) is a precise, repeatable method of controlling the fuel to air ratio through a modulating burner.

Many factors can affect the fuel savings accomplished by implementing these controls, though a reasonable estimate would be 5%. In optimal circumstances, savings may reach as high as 15%.

Oxygen Trim

$16,000 - $18,000

Oxygen trim works in conjunction with parallel positioning.

A sensor installed in the flue stack provides the burner controller with continuous closed-loop feedback of the oxygen concentration in the flue gas, allowing it to optimize combustion automatically. Annual fuel savings of 1-2% are typical when this technology is correctly applied.

TDS Blowdown Controls


In addition to bottom blowdowns, larger steam boilers require regular surface blowdowns in order to flush out excess treatment chemicals, debris and other impurities.

A Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) blowdown system monitors the water conductivity and automatically performs blowdowns when required, ensuring minimal water is wasted while maintaining good chemistry for both energy efficiency and equipment longevity.