CANNEPP was at the Penticton Trade and Convention Center from May 28th-30th for the annual meeting, convention and trade show hosted by the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society.

In its own words, the society states: “everything you do in your facility impacts the patient experience and can have a significant impact on their well-being.” This obviously still holds true if we are talking about steam applications like sanitizing medical equipment, or hydronic solutions for comfort heating. Boilers, their accessories, and system design – the costs and savings that consequently follow – all of these factors have a direct and holistic impact on patient care.

That is why CANNEPP makes it a priority to participate in CHES’ annual conference. Even more important than networking, it is important to ensure that what you are doing is making an impact for the right reasons. Being a fix for one problem pales in comparison to being a crucial piece of a greater, collaborative solution. The convention at CHES provides a perfect opportunity to continue making these strides.

The CHES vision: excellence in the patient-care focused environment through education, innovation and partnerships.

For more information about CHES, or to get involved with the British Columbia chapter, click the links.