CANNEPP Boiler Room Technologies is pleased to provide this notice of the prescriptive Steam Boiler Rebate Program from Fortis BC.

Several efficiency features of steam boilers are eligible for rebates based on meeting the specified qualifying criteria. The energy efficiency options listed include boiler exhaust heat recovery using condensing and non-condensing economizers, combustion controls using oxygen trim and parallel positioning, and blowdown controls to streamline steam boiler chemical treatment programs. In each of these categories, CANNEPP has exclusive access to products from leading-edge technology manufacturers.

Exhaust gas heat recovery products, such as boiler stack economizers, transfer waste heat to the water which is being fed to the boiler and is transformed into steam. This energy transfer process reduces the amount of natural gas being burned in the boiler and typically results in a 3-5% increase in boiler efficiency. Facilities with steam boilers that meet the qualifying criteria can potentially receive rebates from Fortis BC up to $25,000.00.

Combustion control products are designed to reduce the amount of air needed for clean/safe combustion. New boilers manufactured with this technology, and existing boilers which are retrofitted with these control systems will burn less natural gas resulting in an additional efficiency increase of 2-3%. For qualifying applications, rebates up to $49,000.00 are available.

The Cleaver-Brooks CRE Economizer

Total dissolved solids blowdown control systems will reduce bottom blowdown and associated makeup water to the boiler. Energy is saved in this process and less natural gas is burned. Boiler efficiency is further increased by up to another 1% which potentially qualifies applicants to receive an additional rebate of $4,000.00.

For applicants qualifying in all three categories boiler efficiencies will typically increase from 6-9% with rebates up to $78,000.00! New boilers and existing boilers for retrofit are eligible for these rebates. For detailed rebate information, eligibility criteria and terms & conditions, visit the link below:

CANNEPP has extensive experience in the supply and installation of these products. For more information, ask to speak with one of our sales representatives.

Cleaver-Brooks CBLE & Economizer @ Crown Packaging, complete with Hawk Control, parallel positioning, VSD blower motor & O2 trim.

Cleaver-Brooks CRE Economizer

Cannon Boiler Works Economizer

Adding features outlined in the rebate program to your boiler room can result in notable increases in system efficiency and subsequent decreases in run costs.