Endless Water. Zero Waste. It’s the motto of a new product line that CANNEPP Sales & Service is excited to represent.

Introducing Intellihot, a lineup of high-output, on-demand water heaters that, quite literally, think outside of the box. Take the model iQ1501, for example. It learns the recirculation pattern of the building and automatically powers on pumps and sets temperatures. This ensures comfort and simultaneously minimizes costs.

An appealing aspect of Intellihot products is how it takes advantage of improving technology to simplify and modernize the maintenance process. The Gen II Units are 3G/4G Wi-Fi compatible and can be hooked up to either the building’s router, or Intellihot’s internet hub for remote access and monitoring.

Durability and compactness are not qualities one should have to choose between. The iQ series from Intellihot incorporates built-in redundancy with four independent heat engines, as opposed to traditionally sizing a water-heating system and adding redundancy externally.

Patented masterless cascading in the floor-standing iQ models is the best example maximizing the potential of the independent engines. Masterless cascading is a reinvention of the basic method of communication between the engines, doing away with the master-slave approach. The demands for hot water are met with dynamic peer-to-peer communication between the units in a chain, allowing for multiple available solutions for rotation, handling of error codes, etc. This increases failsafe reliability by reducing the risk of single-point failures.

The expandable 316 stainless steel heat exchanger is among the most important features that Intellihot’s water-heaters come equipped with. Places such as restaurants will experience failures in tankless heaters when the kitchen’s 15 hour-long demand for water at 140 degrees outmatches the capability of ½’’ copper heat exchangers. Intellihot describes their scale-resistant heat exchanger as having proven “indestructible.”

Perhaps it is best to capture the essence of Intellihot by letting them explain their approach. “Technology should adapt to people,” they relate, “not the other way around. Our systems are simple to install, use and maintain – for our customers and our customers’ customers. Even as our innovations operate out of sight, every aspect is crafted to be enjoyable, intuitive and surprisingly smart.” This insight into the inspiration and design of these units certainly makes it easier to believe that less really can be more.

Visit them at their website for full details at http://www.intellihot.com/home

Innovation & reliability are the hallmark characteristics upon which Intellihot has built its identity