Proof that boilers are the driving force behind the good things in this world.

Cleaver-Brooks attended the Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America® in Washington, D.C. from April 10-13th, 2017, showcasing the all-new CBT vertical tubeless steam boiler.

Steam is used for a variety of different processes in breweries. Providing heat for the brew kettle is an obvious start. If you have ever attempted to brew at home, you will also know how critical it is that equipment, both at home and in the industry, is meticulously sanitized to eliminate the chance of contamination. Large breweries will also use steam heat for labeling, and to pasteurize bottles before distribution. At the same time that all of these needs are being considered, breweries with all their equipment typically need a boiler with a modest footprint that still aptly matches their demands.

The CBT’s vertical design makes it an excellent choice for space-conscious customers in such facilities, and an incredibly efficient steam disengaging area ensures that you have the power and consistency you need to tackle multiple demands.

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