Our last post for this month’s look at biomass boiler technology examined WoodMaster and what it offers for commercial and light-commercial applications. Presented today will products from Compte-R’s line of biomass boilers that Cannepp represents.

Compte-R is a manifestation of crucial qualities from different parts of the world, combining the efficient and innovative European approach to design and the North American prowess in the manufacturing process. In Canada, Compte-R operates as Compte-Fournier.

With each product ideally suitable for different scopes of work, they are all designed with the same critical qualities in mind: automated, future-proof, clean, environmentally-conscious, powerful, and efficient. Cannepp is proud to back Compte-R products as an option for your boiler room solution.

Granul’Eco – Hot Water Pellet Boiler

Starting with the most compact unit, the Granul’Eco is designed with an output range of 200-1000 kW (20-100 HP) and can be fed either wood pellets or agro-pellets as fuel for combustion. Compte-R notes that one of the Granul’Eco’s most outstanding features is power modulation and its resultant efficiency, making them ideal for urban/remote setups, such as residential buildings or light-industrial plants, when space and fuel delivery constraints favor the use of compact pellets. Everything, beginning with fuel feeding, all the way to ash extraction, is automated.

Compact Evolution – An Intermediary Boiler Solution

Capable of running on wood chips, by-products, wood waste and other non-traditional biomass fuels, The Compact Evolution is a 200-2000 kW (20-200 HP) solution that possesses the same automated features as the Granul-Eco. These units are highly suitable for institutional settings, various industrial applications, and small-medium sized district heating networks, and do so while generating fuel from biomass with humidity contents ranging from five all the way to fifty-five percent, a boast in versatility. Compte-R hails this biomass solution as a way to ensure that you obtain “the maximum from your investment month after month.”

The Compact – Flagship Advanced Technology

Equipped with all the bells and whistles and a power range of 1,500-10,000 kW (150-1000 HP), the Compact biomass boiler is marked by Compte-R as “a sound investment for users seeking environmental gains and financial savings.” Large district heating networks, institutions and industrial plants are a challenge this product will meet, while also responding to changing energy needs. This large system is also set up to benefit from increased efficiency using traditional and condensing economizers, making both a positive financial and environmental impact throughout the process. Compte-R also draws upon this model’s compliance with the strictest emissions regulations and filtration system requirements to back-up its reputation as a reliable, versatile flagship product.

Visit Compte-R’s website for details on their achievements to date, as well as information on solutions they offer and turn-key services they can provide.