In July, we focused on biomass boiler room technology with the spotlight on products that both WoodMaster and Compte-R offer. August’s featured product is skid-mounted & containerized boiler room solutions.

When it comes to steam-based boiler room solutions – residential, institutional, commercial or industrial – the technology available today can provide the customer with the potential to gain significant value, savings, and efficiency. These desirable outcomes, however, are achieved through the successful integration of components that extend beyond the boiler; economizers, feedwater systems, chemical treatment and more are imperative to consider.

It is understandable that, when so many components of the boiler room require seamless functionality to meet energy demands, matching any potential problems with quick solutions is crucial. One challenge is identifying the physical source of an issue. This becomes even more difficult when equipment of different ages and specifications is supplied by several manufacturers – but such is often the reality of the industry. A remedy that Cannepp is pleased to offer in this regard is Packaged & Containerized Systems designed to meet and exceed performance standards across the board in various applications, and for a diverse range of output requirements.

Cleaver-Brooks has this to say regarding their skid-mounted boiler solutions:

  • “Installing a steam boiler system can be a huge headache when you’re dealing with different companies supplying components and leaving you to figure out how to make them work together. Cleaver-Brooks pre-packaged, skid-mounted steam boiler solutions offer a simple way to get up and running in less time, with less effort, than you might imagine.”

This week’s post examines the ClearFire line of Cleaver-Brooks’ skid-mounted systems, The horizontal-fired ClearFire-H and the vertical-fired ClearFire-V models. While the ClearFire-H possess an operating pressure range of 5-150 psig, the ClearFire-V is specifically designed as a high-pressure steam system ranging from 60-150 psig.

The ClearFire-H Skid-Mounted Package Boiler Solution

The ClearFire-V Skid Package

It is encouraging for the customer to know that the strengths of these boilers are also their similarities. Being pre-engineered and assembled, the end-user enjoys reduced costs of both installing and maintaining the product, but one also benefits from the added flexibility that stems from size ranges of 10-60 horsepower, ensuring that the customer gets a uniquely tailored solution.

A diverse profile of applications and solutions fit under the ClearFire umbrella for skid packages. The ClearFire-V’s high pressure capabilities make it an ideal solution in breweries and distilleries, food processing plants, sterilization (such as medical equipment in hospitals) and more. The ClearFire-H can be utilized in both high and low-pressure scenarios, and is thus able to meet all of these demands plus others, such as humidification and process heating.

These skid-mounted boiler packages therefore exceed the standard for comprehensiveness and flexibility.

In the coming weeks, we will turn out attention to Cleaver-Brooks’ flexible watertube skid packages, their containerized firetube systems, FloFab’s integrated packages, and Cannepp’s own portfolio of firetube packages that are assembled and installed by our skilled service technicians here in Delta, BC.