This week’s post features Water Heaters that Cannepp is proud to represent.

Our posts for the month of August were centered around Skid Packages & Containerized Systems that Cannepp is capable of both designing and building as solution unique to our customers. In September, we will focus on Water Heaters & Electric Boilers, featuring both electric and gas-fired products from Cleaver-Brooks, Camus, Intellihot and more.

Electricity – Does it fit the bill?

Using electricity as a fuel source sometimes carries a negative connotation – it can be presumed that electricity is too expensive in comparison to other sources of fuel, such as oil or natural gas. There are instances in which this is definitely true.

However, because cost is relative, it should also be considered that there are transport and logistical concerns, safety regulations, space constraints, emissions requirements, and various other factors that can make electric powered heating not only a necessary selection, but the most economical and best suited to your boiler room solution. Furthermore, Cannepp offers a wealth of both product options and information to help you gain confidence in your investment, and see a return from it.


One of Cannepp’s newest partners, Intellihot water heaters truly epitomize the concept of “endless water, zero waste.” With built-in features such as patented Masterless Cascading for efficient boiler cycling, Wi-Fi enabled and predictive remote monitoring, and smart analytics that allow the unit to learn re-circulation patterns within the system, Intellihot’s powerful product line minimizes extraneous costs by maximizing efficiency. For an product overview by Cannepp, click here. For Intellihot’s website, as well as their story and product line and contact information, click here.

Cleaver-Brooks IWH

This instantaneous water heater is designed for use in hot water heating systems with a minimum footprint with no storage tank. One-hundred percent emissions free, quiet operation and complete efficiency at all operating points, this product is easy to maintain and comes test and ready for install. The unit also includes operating controls, elements, fuses, contactors and relief and drain valves. Technical specifications for this model can be found here at Cannepp or Cleaver-Brooks.

Camus TH Series

A gas-fired model, Camus Hydronics aptly describes their Tank Heater model as up to 97% efficient, extremely low NOx, and meeting or exceeding Canada and US Green Building Standards. It also provides a 10-year warranty on its Stainless Steel Storage Tank. They also note a number of performance highlights, including plastic venting capabilities up to 100 feet, on-board digital operating controls, a 5:1 turndown, a neutralizer kit, and many more. Visit Camus Hydronics or our Water Heater section to learn more about this model.

Our next post will take a closer look at Electric Boilers provided to you by Cannepp. For more information on these products, get in touch with us here!