Whether it’s institutional, commercial, or residential, the Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire® series of condensing boilers is a product that CANNEPP sales and service proudly recommends.

The sleek, down-fired design of the ClearFire-C allows for more than just space saved; they are so quiet, one would hardly notice they are on and running.

Flacon® Lead Lag controls make for consistent and reliable modulation, while ALUFER® tubing increases the effectiveness of the heat transfer surface.

A dual-return and reverse return system boosts thermal efficiency and balances distribution of the load demand.

The job never stops there. CANNEPP will be your go-to expert for everything from the boiler to the stacks.

Its just another example of why CANNEPP remains a trusted source for boiler room technologies here in British Columbia and beyond. Visit cannepp.com today for more.