Our previous post for this month’s look at Burners & Controls finished cataloging Cleaver-Brooks lineup of industrial and commercial burners. This week, we will wrap up our POM by profiling the intelligent and robust integrated boiler control systems, of which Cannepp possesses the know-how and expertise that benefits every involved party, right down to the end user.

C-B Master Panel

One of the qualities that makes Cleaver-Brooks a leader is it’s dedication to the customer. The best way to do that is to ensure that the customer is better off using your equipment. One product that exemplifies this dedication is the C-B Master Panel. Cleaver-Brooks describes this integrated boiler control system as “the central interface between each individual boiler’s control system and other boiler room equipment to external remote monitoring or building automation systems.” The PLC-based touch color screen user interface allows you to optimize lead-lag or unison modulation in steam or hot water systems, thereby reducing on-off cycling through system-load management. Other key benefits include “auto-rotation schedules, run-time monitoring, and isolation/primary pump control for hot water and firetube applications.”

Hawk Controls

This control panel serves as the user interface for individual boilers, but is also capable of a master-slave configuration for up to two boilers. “Combustion and burner management controls are integrated into the same console but maintained as separate devices to meet NFPA85 and other safety codes and requirements. The user-friendly, touch-screen interface alleviates memorizing cumbersome and complicated menu systems.”

The capabilities and specialties of these system differ as you move from the 1000 model to the 6000 model, but important gains from implementing these controls into your system include fuel conservation, intuitive use, and optimized air-fuel ratios for safety and economy. Advanced technology allows for more than just control of the burner. Hawk 4000 packages, for example, offer custom programming, control of economizers/draft, and options for oxygen trim and variable-speed drive. For a comprehensive brochure outlining the specifications for each Hawk Control, click this link.

The SCADA remote monitoring solution also works with Hawk control systems, allowing for “replication of the boiler overview display, burner management display, trends, boiler user analog inputs and run data.” – CB. It also allows the user to employ the Master Panel to set lead-lag sequence, on-off points and system header set point.

Plant Master

Built for Industrial Watertube Boilers, “The Cleaver-Brooks IWT Plant Master is the central interface between each boiler’s control system and other boiler room equipment to external remote monitoring or building automation systems,” and features a 10” PLC-based touch screen, easy setup, and auto-rotation control to ensure boilers share equal run time. Applications include industrial process, building heat, sterilization, humidification, refineries and petrochemical.

Hydronic System Control

This model is a powerful PID loop control-based sequencing and modulation control for condensing, non-condensing and hybrid hot water solutions. While condensing boilers run most efficiently at low fire, non-condensing boilers run optimally at high fire. The HSC is built to operate each boiler in the system at it’s peak efficiency, protecting the customer’s wallet, as well as the longevity of the boiler. Additionally, the HSC integrates control of pumps, vales, dampers, and more to ensure optimization in every aspect of your system’s operation. The HSC quite literally serves as your boilers’ bodyguard – using thermal shock routines that protect non-condensing boilers by “pre-heating incoming water to keep the inlet to the non-condensing boiler above the required minimum temperature.” Click here for more information, including data logging, Modbus communication, outdoor reset capability and extra features and benefits.

In November, we turn our eye to Stacks & Exhaust Solutions for our monthly product feature!