In October, we narrowed in on Burners & Controls, manufactured by Cleaver-Brooks and proudly supplied by Cannepp – the team to help you arrive at the right decision, deliver on unparalleled standards for installation and service, and remain accountable to the business we earn.

You can expect Cannepp to meet the same standard when it comes to Venting And Exhaust Solutions. This month, we will profile the products we offer, outline the service you can expect from us, and provide media for a quality exhaust solution designed, built, and installed by our team of skilled engineers and service technicians.

Cleaver-Brooks introduces the topic of exhaust solutions with this:

“When you select an exhaust solution from Cleaver-Brooks, you’re integrating the latest engineering and technology in gas venting. Our exhaust solutions allow you to have the greatest possible efficiency whether you have a Cleaver-Brooks system, another manufacturer’s, or components from multiple manufacturers. We know that timely and accurate design and fabrication are paramount concerns to our customers. That’s why we engineer and produce our exhaust systems to exacting standards quickly and efficiently. Because we use the latest technology and techniques in research and development, quality control, and manufacturing, you reap the benefit of this state-of-the-art approach with faster quotes, faster design, and faster installation.”

As a member of the Cleaver-Brooks Representatives Association, we pride ourselves on ensuring our customers see such returns on their investment.

Expedient Quotes

Cleaver-Brooks’ has streamlined its manufacturing and production processes as a result of their many years of invaluable experience. Requests for quotes can be meet with expedient replies in hours, and as your rep, Cannepp is determined to get you the information you need at the moment you need it.

Smart & Robust Design

2D and 3D CAD renderings delivered faster than the competition are a great example of how going with Cleaver-Brooks products comes with service that doesn’t leave your plans hinging on the exhaust system. Additionally, Cannepp has a proven ability to support your product from design to completion. Check out our video of the BCIT Steam Demo Wall, where you can spot a 3D rendering of what has become an impressive educational apparatus.

Safe, Skilled & Speedy Installs

Superior equipment like Cleaver-Brooks installation-ready systems featuring an exclusive male-female jointing system can decrease installation time by 40%, thereby considerably reducing labor costs. Whether its stacks, gas vents, chimney liners, or grease duct products, our team of technicians are skilled, certified and experienced, ensuring that superior manufacturing is meticulously incorporated into your project.

Find us next week, when we go in-depth on Exhaust Solutions and products that Cannepp is proud to offer you.