If you’re looking for an example of Cannepp’s ability to deliver exceptional products for any application, there is perhaps no better project to showcase than the Steam Demo Wall, uniquely and exclusively built for use by The British Columbia Institute of Technology in Burnaby.

The Steam Wall is a refreshing and innovative approach to providing a tangible tool to supplement theoretical learning. Students will develop a thorough understanding of all steam specialties, as well as process and heating applications.

The demonstration unit was designed and constructed by Cannepp to meet BCIT’s educational requirements, and assembled in Cannepp’s Delta-based shops.

The apparatus is not only a representation of a complete steam system – it is a complete steam system, equipped with steam traps of all designs, heat exchangers, condensate return systems and steam driven condensate pumps. The working demonstration unit will be incorporated into BCIT’s on-campus training facility.

The BCIT Steam Demo Wall serves as a testament to Cannepp’s willingness to go the extra mile, committing to projects of various fields and scopes, and propelling the industry forward.

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