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June 2017’s Monthly Feature Product: Economizers (Part 3)
An Important Piece to a Large Puzzle Throughout June’s monthly product feature, we have put economizers under the microscope. The most important, encompassing takeaway from these discussions is this: an economizer is one piece of a much larger system. Because of this, a holistic approach is critical when weighing the decision to invest in economizers.
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June 2017’s Monthly Feature Product: Economizers (Part 2)
To continue our conversation on economizers as our monthly product feature, it would be best to first explore a more initiatory question relating to energy: which type are you trying to recover? It is important, when considering one’s options, to determine whether you stand to make the most significant gains from recovering sensible or latent
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June 2017’s Monthly Feature Product: Economizers (Part 1)
The decision to invest in products with the aim of increasing efficiency is not necessarily an easy one. On one side of the scale, there is pressure to complete a job with a budget that remains inside the initial parameters. On the opposing side is the notion that, although equipment comes with cost, the right
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In Pictures: ASHRAE BC’s Annual Golf Tournament: May 30th, 2017
If ASHRAE BC‘s annual golf tournament on May 30th was any indication, it is never a bad time to get out on the course for a friendly round of golf. The weather also seemed to make little difference to everyone involved, as sunshine, rain… or monsoon-like elements were braved nonetheless by ASHRAE’s enthusiastic participants, some even
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